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edmund the conquerer

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10/7/07 05:00 pm - trinities - I need to get my fangirl on for a moment.

Every time I scroll past this rendition of Dung's ass, it brings a smile to my face!

Antonin/Alecto otp?
Or even better, Antonin/Alecto/Evan. I think it would be perfect. Evan doesn't make an appearance in that thread, but he does later, so it ties up!

This entire thread.
Peter/James platonic friends ftw.
Gilderoy not wanting James to mention his fixation on Regulus extending to possible boyfriendhood!
Barty's random comment to the shirtlifter thing! (Barty knows something.)

Sexual tension for the win.
Rodolphus and Narcissa need to bang. Now, everyone agree with me.

9/13/07 11:22 pm - trinities

Since I've been having this conversation a lot with people, I thought I'd bring it here.

We've had a ship discussion post before, obviously, but let's put it all out. The stuff you'd be afraid to admit to shipping or the stuff that you admit to shipping. All your pairings. I'm just curious.

9/3/07 12:40 pm - terrorcandy - i can't believe i missed this thread.


9/1/07 02:58 am - derogatory - what am i talking about, nicole rosier first all the way

Whatever. New favorite part. Go save the world and moisturize, Frank Longbottom.

8/22/07 03:55 am - paragonish


I feel so uncomfortable and...oddly intrigued. But mostly uncomfortable. Alecto/Bellatrix. Sup.

8/20/07 02:10 am - balthazarcrouch - hi there.

So what's your favourite bit so far?
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